Thursday, October 17, 2013

Lust List: Autumn

It's the middle of October, which means it's technically been autumn for nearly a month. But summer seemed desperate to stick around as long as possible, so it hasn't felt like fall until recently. We've had a few chilly days here on Long Island, but it always seems to bounce back to warm. Hopefully the chill we have now sticks around for a while (and doesn't flip immediately the freezing). In honor of the cooling temperatures, I've rounded up some of my autumnal items from some of my favorite online shops.

Mono Striped Shirt     $64.07
Draped Skirt     $29.95

Fox Mittens     $46
Achillea Bag     $39.98 (marked down from $55)
Puddle Reflection Heel     $59.99 (I own these and they are my favorite shoes in my collection)

What are you looking to buy for autumn. I'm trying to stick to cute dresses and tights, which I actually need more of, but somehow I always end up purchasing more booties. Also, where are your favorite places to shop online? 


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