Saturday, October 26, 2013

Lust List: Dresses & Tights

My go-to outfit for the fall and winter is a dress and tights. I work in an office that tends to run cold, no matter how much I play with the thermostat so the tights are a necessity, even if I'm only out in the elements for all of two minutes moving between the house or office and my car. My dress collection is always expanding, and dresses are always on my list of things I need more of. I'm a sucker for the fit and flare style, as it's so flattering on my straight up and down body, but I'm hoping to expand a bit beyond that in the coming months (knowing me, that means buying 1 dress in a different style and whole bunch that are the same). Fortunately, the variety of dresses on my favorite shopping sites is never really low. Or unfortunately, if you consider my bank account!

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White Pout Dress     $115
I Dusk Be Off Dress     $109.99
Deep Space Diver Dress     $54
Everyday Valentine Dress     $69.99
Mono Stripe Skater Dress     $35.60
Pansy Print Dress     £34
Sunnyside Up Dress     $59.29
Sleeveless Dress     $49.95
Splash Dyed Hand Painted Tunic     $62
Theater Printed Midi Dress     $41.92 (marked down from $42.50)

When it comes to tights I tend to prefer solid and opaque pairs, but some of these are subtle enough that I'm tempted by them. And of course, with temperatures dropping, they need to be warm. My favorites are the Tights for Every Occasion (top row, third pair) from ModCloth, which I own in navy, dark gray, and red. Surprisingly, I don't own a plain black pair of tights, so those will probably be included in my next ModCloth purchase.

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Ribbed Cable Tights in Gray     $12.90
Ombre Tights in Blue/Black     $40 ($47 plus size)
Tights for Every Occasion in Black     $14.99 (more colors available)
Velvet Floral Leggings in Navy Blue     $16.99-18.99
Classic Tights in Olive     $5.80
Paris Skyline Tights Plus Size     $14.24
Cozy Collaborating Tights     $17.99
Opaque Tights Plus Size in Coral     $6.80
Polka Dot Tights in Caramel     $12.99
Burgundy Tights Plus Size     $10.68

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