Wednesday, October 23, 2013

The Happy List

This post isn't going up until Wednesday, but I'm currently typing it out at 11:30 AM on Sunday. Normally I don't work weekends, but I decided to cover for the weekend girl in order to compensate for a day I'm taking off in a couple of weeks. I'm excited for that day off, but it's not making today any easier to get through, especially with the knowledge that I'll be working 6 days in row, as opposed to my usual 5. So I figured today would probably be a good day to list all the things that make me happy. I'm going to need it to get through the next 5 and a half hours.

  • when no one is in the office and I can watch YouTube videos or listen to music
  • waking up to discover I still have a few hours until my alarm goes off
  • Caramel Apple Spice from Starbucks (I just tried a similar homemade version and it was not up to snuff)
  • freshly laundered sheets and pajamas
  • petting dogs and cats
  • finishing a run without feeling like I'm about to keel over and die
  • blog comments and tumblr ask messages (sorry, I couldn't resist)
  • when someone tells me that they saw/hear/read something that reminded them of me
  • long naps
  • ordering clothes online that end up fitting me perfectly
  • when something you worked really hard on gets good feedback or a good grade
  • my new paycheck being deposited to my back account
  • wrapping up in a million blankets and reading in bed
  • when our electricity came back on after Hurricane Sandy
  • visiting friends from out of town (or having friends from out of town come visit)
  • running on the beach (when it's not insanely hot)
  • traveling to new places
  • when bands I love release new albums
  • going to concerts
  • train travel through the countryside
  • making lists
  • crossing things off of my lists
  • a long, hot bath after coming in from the cold
  • getting something in the mail
  • the smell after it rains
  • not having to set alarm for the next morning
  • falling asleep during a storm
  • when something i've had my eye on goes on sale
  • getting compliments
  • Thanksgiving dinner
  • Intense discussion of television and books
  • airports (not to be confused with actual airplane flights)
  • cozy sweaters
  • New York pizza
  • bagels breakfasts at the office
What would you put on your happy list?

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